Brief History

A word from the President

Colombian Volunteer Ladies of Tampa Bay, a not for profit 501 (C) (3) organization, was founded in 1982 by a group of ladies from the Tampa Bay area.


Throughout our 35 years of existence, we have donated a little more than half a million dollars to different charities in Colombia, Latin America and the United States.  Originally, the main purpose of the organization was to help the underprivileged and deserving children.  This goal, however, was expanded many years ago to include the elderly, the sick and the disabled, as well as local organizations in need of our support.


Our volunteers bear out all the operations, therefore our expenses are minimal.  

The miracle of life is given to us without asking. For some, it comes with gifts of health and means, for many with wants and needs. No matter which we are, helping one another is the highest form of thanks we can give for the gift of life.

In Colombia, our country of origin, and as in many other places, communities of scant resources support those of their members that are in dire needs through organizations like The Instituto Para Niños Ciegos en Bogota, where teachers, specialists, and administrators volunteer and work hard in favor of their clients who are the blind children in need.


It is through people like these volunteers and workers who answer the calling and volunteer their time and effort, that the gift of life is celebrated. However, their organizations need the support of the community at large in order to survive.

In Tampa, The Colombian Volunteer Ladies have, for 37 years, donated their time and resources to hold activities that generate funds that go directly to these organizations as is shown in our beneficiaries page. In turn, the success of the CVL in carrying out its mission has only been possible with the support of our donors whom we recognize, also, in another section of this website.


So, we have many to thank in this human chain, from donors to patrons, as we celebrate the gift of life.


And we thank you for visiting our website and invite you to get to know us and to collaborate with our efforts.


Fernando Falquez

President, Colombian Volunteer Ladies

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Mission Statement

To raise money to bring a Ray of Hope to the most disadvantaged segments of our communities and improve their quality of life providing them with education, health, and empowerment.