We belong to GuideStar where we participate at the Silver Level.  We are working to earn the Gold Level designation.

GuideStar is a national organization which through a series of progressive requirements (which are 100% compliant with the IRS) allow a third party to conduct a pre-grant due diligence to determine a nonprofit's eligibility to receive tax deductible contributions.

Thank You!

The organization runs thanks to volunteers whose only interest is to help those in need.  We welcome men and women from all background to join our efforts.


The only expenses our organization has, are those needed to cover expenses for events.  Nobody gets paid  a salary for working on the organization. 

Some people are dedicated to maintain the website, the Facebook page, cash flow, organize events, and other members just joins u to have fun at the events.

No matter how much or little time a person has, there is always a space to help others.